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Gigaleads  is a fast growing, Netherlands-based advertising agency. Our only service is to generate contact information of leads (read: potential customers) through online advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and more.

We do things a bit different than other agencies, because we guarantee results to all our clients. No results = money back.

Our current client pool mainly exists of installation and renovation companies, but we also help coaches and personal trainers with a good offer. Currently all of our clients are based in The Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa.
We are currently working on expanding to other countries, and that’s why we’re looking for entrepreneurs and/or experiences managers that are able to sell high ticket services.

Language does not matter, because we want to scale globally.
But that’s not all, you won’t just stay a sales agent taking commissions – once your training is completed, you will become 50% owner of all business generated in your country, while we guide you through the whole process and help you build your own team.

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First, some important facts:

• You will be working in the name of Gigaleads, owning 50% of our business in your country.
• You will not have to pay anything yourself, we pay your entire training and we generate leads for you.
• You will not be a sales agent or another employee - you will become a Gigaleads-entrepreneur.

What your first weeks/months after the extensive training will look like:

• We will make sure your calendar is filled with appointments during your preferred time slots.
• You will be taking sales calls and sell our service to people that already expressed interest in our service.
• You will send out proposals, contracts and invoices to your personal clients.
During the first months, we will be doing all the advertising work for your clients. When you feel you’re ready, we will teach you how that works as well and you will be making even higher commissions.

What your business could look like in a few months:

• If you sell well, you could be onboarding 4-8 clients per month
• After 3 months, this would be 12-24 clients paying a monthly fee of about €1000
• You would be earning €6000-12000 per month after just three months
• You will have your own team, so you can enjoy life while your team keeps the business running.
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