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A reliable and consistent source of leads.

We help SMBs and independent entrepreneurs get a stream of consistent leads through proven online advertising strategies.

Barbara ter Horst
Marketing Consultant​
  • Upscale your business.

With us, success is guaranteed.

Your success is our success – that’s why we only offer an effective and cost-efficient way of automated lead generation.

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  • Quality is our virtue.

Get qualified leads.

We only deliver organic leads that are already interested in your business. In truth, they are just waiting for you to call.

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  • Success is our motto.

We provide measurable results.

Our focus lies on providing you direct and measurable results. This way, you know exactly what you’re paying for.

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Brands that put their trust in us.

These leading SMB’s in the Netherlands have seen that what we do for them really works.

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How do we do it?

We utilize the most widely used social media channels to tell your brand’s story using paid ads.

Online Advertisements

We run ads in various social media platforms under your company’s name. These ads will then redirect potential leads to a landing page.

Landing pages

After people have seen and clicked your ad, we will redirect them to a conversion-optimized landing page that features your brand.

This landing page will help give out more information about your products or services and visitors will have the ability to leave their contact information by filling out a form.

Check out our blog for free marketing advice and to get more insight on how to get more revenue from your leads.

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Barbara ter Horst
Marketing Consultant​